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Interview Joey Brezinski @ Lyon – Red Bull Manny Mania

Avant Tony Hawk que Dam’s a croisé ce week end – voir interview de Tony Hawk , nous avons vu Joey Brezinski à Lyon le week end de la finale du Red Bull Manny Mania France 2010.


Notre reporter de choc M. en a profité pour lui poser des questions grâce auxquelles nous avons appris que Jojo aimerait bien rider pour AUDI, et que la marque Rusty clothing lui a lancé une gamme spéciale nommée SO RAD.

La vidéo ici :

[dailymotion xe317h]


Vidéo Karim Meg – transcription Olivier RAVEAU

ITW Joey Brezinski

M: So how was the opening party yesterday night at Cliché’s new office ?
Joey : It was fun, we had a good time.

M: So you’re the king of the wheeling but you don’t do handrails, do you ?
J: I’ve been doing some this year, I’ve been skating everything this year . So, kind of expand the entire horizon.

M: What’s the biggest number of stairs you’ve jumped over ? The maximum. Your record ?
J:The biggest stairs I used to skate was about 10.

M: What was the name of the spot ?
J:The biggest stairs ? Some school I went to junior high it’s called : Ramona

M: I’ve read in Transworld magazine that you first think of a trick, then try it on the game EA SKATE 3, and then you try to do it for real …
J:I try to see if it’s possible and to see how to get the movement down before I go try it

M: And do you always play with your avatar ?
J:No … I created my friend Kenny Anderson… it’s like I play with him all the time.

M: Since Cliché was bought by Dwindle, you’ve been hooked up by Tensor. What’s next ? are you going to be sponsored by any you know?
J: I started this brand SO RAD off of Rusty Clothings. It’s my division of the RUSTY existing clothing. This is my signature’s series is out of the company.

M:By which brand would you like to be sponsored ? not specially a skate brand. For example like Tony Hawk is sponsored by Jeep, Bob by ?

M:Do you have a part in an upcoming video ?
J: We are working on the new Adio video, so that should be… hoping around Xmas… 6 months.

M: What do you think about – I don’t you if you tried them – the Cliché Keystone technology ?
J: They’re good, the’re really strong, they got a lot of pop.

M: I’ve been told that each time you go to the toilets, you take a picture of….let’s say …
J: Only if it’s a good one.

M: What’s the deal about that.. ?
J: If it’s a good one ..I like to show it… yeah, it’s like my baby.

M: Thank you Joey, nice to meet you
J: Thank you

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